Nutritionist - Based in Macclesfield Cheshire

1 to 1 Nutritional Therapy Consultations .

Consultations are held in person, and are available at weekends.

Initial Nutritional Therapy consultation allow around 90 minutes for your initial consultation.

Subsequent Nutritional Therapy consultations please allow around 60 minutes for your second and subsequent consultations..


Initial Nutritional consultation & report £90.00
Follow up nutritional consultations £60.00

Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests are important tools to help identify imbalances and interactions in the body, and can help pinpoint specific areas to target nutritional interventions.

A test will involve taking a sample of your saliva, blood, urine and /or stool. The majority of the samples can be taken at home. There are numerous types of test which cover areas such as:

We will organise your laboratory tests via independent private laboratories such as Genova and interpret your test results to provide clear realistic nutrition recommendations.

Laboratory fees vary depending on the test and would be provided as an additional cost.

Lorisian food intolerance tests now available: test 50/75/100/150 different foods. Prices from £99.00 for 50 foods 

Cyrex Laboratories have recently launched in the UK a new highly sensitive test for wheat / gluten sensitivity and tests for cross sensitivity to wheat / gluten in a wide variety of foods. Please call for more details.

Food allergy testing options: IGE / IGG immune testing, FACT testing (Genova) Elimination diet advice and support.

Dietary Analysis

Nutrition Analysis Report

Optimise Nutrition will provide an in-depth report based on a food diary listing what you have eaten over a 2-3 day period. The report details what your diet is providing in terms of the main nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Your written report will give you:

Price: Personalised Nutrition Report £29.95

To discuss your individual nutritional needs please contact Stephen Robinson CHNC registered Nutritionist and Nutritional Therapist email: